Urban Digs

Urban Digs started as a New York real estate blog whose brand grew so strong it only made sense to spin it into a full-scale brokerage.

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Urban Digs in a one-man shop operating in a 10,000 horse town — NYC. Noah wondered why his tiny crack in this City’s sidewalk would be of any interest to anyone or worthy of this directory. For starters, being humble is certainly part of the new age and a quality shared by many on this list. But this directory isn’t about how many agents a brokerage has or how many sides they’ve done or how far into the black they’ve gone. This directory is all about the Noahs of real estate. The men and women who dreamed to dream something different and are bold enough to go out there and do in the wake of trying times and market fluctuations, and who use a complex matrix of tools, technologies, applications and talents to make that happen.

For Noah, it all began with a blog. But not just any old blog ripe with random, scattered thoughts, no theme or purpose. Urban Digs Blogs was focused on completely and transparently opening up the NYC real estate market and its trends and providing clear, unabashed analysis and recommendation. No bias. No spin. Every post meticulously thought out. Every stat, trend and analytic thought through and explained for the reader interested in Manhattan real estate. For locals, the blog resonated deeply. For many within the industry, it’s viewed as a top-shelf publication, cited often in any conversation about the best real estate blogs in the industry.

While the blog first served as Noah’s bullhorn, its popularity grew it into a name brand as a NYC real estate destination. In 2009, Noah turned Urban Digs into a full-scale brokerage, furthering his consultative nature based on his overly transparent approach.

Currently, Urban Digs is a shop of one. But should he grow and recruit agents, Noah says, “They would have to be highly educated and savvy without a bias towards broker spin.” In other words, less about being a salesperson and more about quality service with a consultative approach.

Starting, running, and marketing a new brokerage presents one with challenges similar to the challenges faced by startup brokerages years ago. The advantages, however, are the tools and resources available to ignite and manage the process. Aside from the usual slog of getting licenses, nailing an identity, and keeping the funnel of new business prospects populated, like others, Noah relies on his blog as well as other social media platforms to market his company and maintain connectivity with his customers and prospects.

Though still in its infancy, response from the marketplace has been very positive. New Yorkers typically don’t mince words, have no patience for sales pitches and respect those who are straight up and honest. Given the otherwise competitive and salesy nature of NYC real estate, Urban Digs is considered a breath of fresh air.