Partners Trust

Meet the Los Angeles brokerage where everyone is a true partner.

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When the founders of Partners Trust first got together, they each brought to the table a wealth of experience working the luxury real estate market in Los Angeles. Each held a profound sense of how high-net-worth clients should be treated and each believed that real estate agents deserved a better, more respectable environment to work in.

“It was pure serendipity that, at the same exact moment in time, we all reached a point in our careers where building a new kind of brokerage seemed like the natural next step,” founding partner, Nick Segal, told us. “So we decided to go for it.”

These beliefs formed the solid foundation upon which Partners Trust was launched.


Partners Trust opened its doors in 2009 with a clear and defined sense of the type of brokerage they wanted to build. They believed that in order to earn the trust of the marketplace, the brokerage must define its purpose and standards and make sure it delivers on those principles across every transaction through every agent.

“Creating a culture of excellence and integrity was the essence of our brand,” Nick said. “We understood from day one that a singular belief and behavior defined by the way we do business with everyone we come in contact with – albeit our associates, clients, employees and vendors – will not only differentiate us in the market, but also bring a gold standard of real estate services that people deserve.”

This initial sentiment was embodied in its moniker – Partners Trust. For the founding partners, this articulated a succinct message to everyone about how they would be treated.

‘Partners’ by name and in practice

As most brokerages know, taking this type of goal from a “want” to a reality is a considerable challenge given the independent contractor status of agents. Partners Trust founders knew they’d have to trade rapid growth for slow and meticulous growth in order to truly embody the brokerage they wanted to create.

They’ve done this by handpicking the associates who join them based more on who will make great partners and less on their production numbers. They define great partners using a criteria document called The Partners Trust Agreement, which every new associate signs when joining. It defines their intentions, beliefs and commitments to each other and to their clients.

Every successful culture needs glue to bind it all together. At Partners Trust, that glue is the stringent dedication toward working, sharing and collaborating with each other on deals without reserve.

All acquisitions and shared profits are strategically planned to bring returns well into the future, providing all associate partners with diverse opportunities for financial growth.


Currently, Partners Trust has 180 associate partners and ranks as the 9th most productive brokerage in Los Angeles.

“We recruit by example, and new associates join us by word of mouth and referrals,” Nick said. “There is a misconception that we’re ‘invite-only,’ but that’s not true. We’re always open to having a conversation with any agent and often do.”

Recently, Partners Trust acquired Arete Estates, a boutique Malibu brokerage enabling Partners Trust to bring better service to clients in that area. Both brands shared a long history as peers and also shared the very same commitment to excellence.


Partners Trust has been voted among the “Best Places to Work” by Los Angeles Business Journal every year since they opened their doors. It’s solid proof that their culture is real,and something that agents are attracted to and passionate about.

While only six years old, they consider themselves a startup with many future refinements alongside a myriad of progressive ideas for service and technology offerings that are still to come.