Donna Kerr Group

A boutique brokerage that takes staging and design to a new level.

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When Donna Kerr was gearing up to open her new brokerage’s doors in 2014, design was a major focus for her team.

She wanted to build a brokerage that did more than just stage a home. And she knew that with her and her team’s experience designing homes that she could create a unique value proposition by focusing on their home design skills.

“We dedicate a lot of resources to doing fix-up work, from freshening to fully renovating,” Donna said, adding that most clients will spend an average of $5,000-$15,000 to make home improvements prior to listing.

Donna Kerr Group’s designers also stage a property, and staff members create the marketing material, which includes professional photography, high-glossy mailers and property-specific websites.

The brokerage handles these details so affiliated agents can focus on prospecting and serving clients.


As Donna Kerr Group is planting roots in its local markets that center around Silver Spring, Md., the biggest driving force in recruiting agents is culture fit.

“It’s really important to me that we maintain a certain culture,” Donna said. “We want everybody to be fully committed to the values of our brand, and have a creative and innovative approach to the business.”

And, of course, fun is an important component of the job, she said. They like to throw parties, support charities and give back to the community.

Before & after

Donna Kerr Group takes home staging and design seriously. Through their design agency brand, Pure Energy, they routinely transform houses into homes with more desirable and marketable characteristics, which, research shows, can drastically improve sale price.

What’s unique is Donna and the team can also visualize the transformations as content. She said they’re producing short “before and after” videos they’re planning to pitch to local TV stations. Her team is no stranger to television, having been involved in a few pilots for home design-related shows in the past.

What’s next?

Growth is a challenge in any business – not for lack of it, but adjusting your business accordingly with each new addition.

That’s why Donna recently hired a professional to oversee team growth.

“I’m kind of an artist at heart,” Donna said. “I like the chaos. But you can’t grow a business like that.”

Along with strategic growth, Donna’s team will be focusing on training and support for affiliated agents so they can provide amazing customer service to all clients.